I was transported to their base. The process had begun though, I could feel my clothes burning away. My body was dying and all I could think of was White. That little band of misfits got me, I really need to up my game when I get back out there.
My arm was laying in front of me and I could see a new blood pool flowing in the same direction. On my hand I could see a white spot. It grew bigger, spreading outwards across my skin. It looked painted white and I tried to smile but it hurt. I didn't want to close my eyes but I felt drowsy and the white continued to spread.
I woke up feeling stronger. I could sit myself up and the bleeding had stopped. No one was around but I was in a closed prison. My body was mostly white now. My clothes were in rags on the floor. There were a few patches of skin left on my body. This process is very long but very successful. Without white I would most certainly die, but with white I can try again. 
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