Whilst walking home from work during a storm, I was startled by a crackle behind me. I turned and was surprised to see a lightning bolt creeping towards my umbrella. I immediately let go but it stayed perfectly still in mid-air. 

I paused and noticed everything around me. The rain had stopped too, it was still falling albeit very slowly and there was no sound, everything was silent and still. I felt a shudder and wanted to get away from that lightning, so pressed on home.

As I walked further up the street, a bright white light burst from behind me. It radiantly lit up the street like floodlights at a stadium. As turned into my driveway, the bolt had struck the, now flaming, umbrella and surged into the ground.

I started to move towards the house but felt the rain picking up some pace. As the bolt and light started to fade, a bellowing roar of thunder hit me. I felt myself stagger and fall towards the wooden door blacking out as I hit the doormat.
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