"We are looking for new recruits to help us against the tragedies of new powers and wickedness. If you have a super ability that can help save the world we aim to protect, register your power with us"
The ad went out across the world quickly and was seen by many. We needed a force to stop The Collector and his collection of henchmen.
"Guiding Light"
"That's quite a hefty name?"
"But I want to help people. Give them the guiding light. I can create paths to and from danger. As soon as they touch me and I touch my path, I can send them to the other end of it at the speed of light. All I need to do is create a path from safety and each time I reach a new victim, I'll add the route to the path. I'm not going to jump into battle with a monster but I can help the victims. And I can help those that need it. You set up a safe location for me to return to and I'll create a path from there to the dangerous area. This power isn't amazing but it can be. I'm not going to use it to create havoc and you'll probably have tonnes of more efficient teleporters or speedy people but I just want to help those in need. We got these powers for a reason and if we waste them then no one will truly appreciate what we have to offer."
"That was lovely and we need more people like you, so welcome aboard!"

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