Jane was in the toilet when it happened. She was glancing down at her phone, quickly browsing a social network feed when she saw something caught her eye. A ripple in the floor dashed below her feet. When the ripple hit the wall it carried upwards like something was crawling through the building. There was nothing that followed so it could have been an anomaly or rogue power. A minute later and it was probably time to get back to work. As she left the cubicle, a rumble was felt in the floor. She leant against the wall to regain her balance but the wall gave way. Crumbling down, Jane ran away avoiding the dust and rubble. The windows hadn't shattered in the shaking but instead they flung open so she aimed to keep well away. She was on the first floor and whilst the drop wasn't too high, she would prefer to use the stairs. 
Vertigo struck suddenly. The ceiling flew upwards extending the walls past how they should have been. The windows too expanding to fit the newly shaped room. She could see through the dust now, glass meeting rooms and walls with doors grew taller like a bad dream. It started slow then shot outward. The sinks which began a meter away started drifting away from Jane. The fallen wall, the meeting rooms, even the cubicles and windows were about 10 meters away. The whole room was expanding, or she was shrinking. She couldn't have been shrinking. Men were running down the corridor, which now looked like a hall, behind the cave live broken wall. They hadn't changed size either. The building was growing. The bathroom that just fit with 3 cubicles and 3 sinks had grew to size of a school gym. 
Jane had caught up with the windows. Still open she looked down to see whether jumping was possible. It wasn't. The height of the bathroom would be the height of every floor now, so it felt like she was 3 floors up. The building had grown about 10 times its size, nearby small buildings and cars had been crushed by the volume of force the building was pushing. If the building was in a city or town, this would have been devastating. They would count themselves lucky this was an industrial estate in the countryside and fields populated the other sides of the building. 
Jane wished she had been given a different ability. She didn't share it with people but she could conjure disks in mid air. The disks were usually warm and she'd only really used it to keep food and drinks warm. She thought about using her ability to create stepping stones out of the building though it wasn't something she'd ever done before. However she attempted the first disks. It wasn't hard, it was the precision she had a problem with. She always needed them to be horizontal, but sometimes they appeared at an angle. She hoped they would hold her weight so she attempted one inside the building first. It worked but she would need to be quick. She could feel the heat through the soles of her shoes quickly and wouldn't be able to stay for a while. She leapt onto the first disk then stepped across the rest, she started to conjure up more disks heading towards the floor, ignoring the sound of sirens in the distance and explosions and screaming behind her. She needed concentration and was close to the floor now. A car alarm burst beside her making her jump and missing her opportunity for more disks. She fell. 
It was only a few feet but she wasn’t ready for it and felt a lot of bodily pain as she hit the floor. She felt dozy. Boots stood in front of her, and a uniformed woman placed handcuffs on her and guided her towards a nearby car where she was to sit and wait for an ambulance. 
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