I was on the my way home, sitting on the train, reading my book about a a spy trapped in the gulf of Mexico, when the train came to a slow stop in the middle of the countryside. The lights blinked out a couple times which wasn't too odd, these trains tended to be years old  and they never get fixed. I heard some kids screaming in the lobby and not before long they came running through the cabin. I peacefully ignored them and carried on reading. Getting to the end of the fifth chapter and noticed we still hadn't made a move. We hadn't heard anything from the driver either. A few people went to investigate but no one ever returned. Finally the announcement bell rung but all anyone heard was a few short breaths before the power kicked out and we got submerged in darkness. The sun had now set so it was only going to get darker on the train. Panic set in as passengers started screaming and shouting. I leaned against the window to see if I could see what was happening ahead when suddenly I fell through and hit the gravel hard. Other people in my carriage had seen me fall through and attempted the same, but failing. I looked down the train and saw what our problem was. The front three carriages had completely burned up. And a flying woman, known as Pyrette, was starting to burn up the next carriage with fire spouting from her hands. I heard screams from inside my carriage as it became pitch black inside. That was soon heightened the sound of smashing glass as this and several other carriages attempted to escape. Those who got off the train started running through the fields to get to safety. A  window smashed in front of me. I crawled backwards as a stampede of people came thundering onto the gravel and stumbling away from the train, luckily none of them trampling me though it looked like it came close. 
Pyrette wasn’t alone. It was getting dark out, but that carriage had no light whatsoever. Darkness and shadow was emitting from the carriage. I was certain another power was in play here. Pyrette was an anti-hero, out to save the day but didn’t feel much guilt so didn’t feel for the culprit or victims. She once destroyed a towns hospital to stop a nasty virus from escaping. Her power was ferocious and really needed some control.
She turned her head towards me. I froze, shocked she saw me in the darkness. I wanted to run but couldn’t. I started to sink through the ground. Closing my mouth I held my breath as I watched the dirt glide past me. A rabbit jumped through my chest as I found myself falling past a burrow. I felt my body harden after I floated slowly through what seemed like Stone. I hit the stony floor of a sewer pipeline. I was in a sewer. I had no idea where to go so I walked down the tube hoping for light. The smell was horrendous but about half an hour later I found light at the end of the tunnel and figure out where I was.
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