"Abi didn't need to pretend, she knew the answers. She always did. She didn't need to memorise, research or improvise. The answers were there. The perfect answers."
That sounds like a good introduction, but anyway..
I was meant to fail these exams. I haven't studied. I hadn't listened in class. I had doodled up in every lesson. I missed homework deadlines, coursework hand-ins and these exams were my "last chance". 
But I did it. I completed every question in every exam perfectly. I was given the answers. I didn't cheat. Not technically. I seem to have mainfested some puzzle solving ability recently because every question I face, I'm given an answer in my sight. So when those questions asked for biology of a flower or the juxtaposition in an old poem, the answer revealed itself to me and I copied it down. 
Sometimes I get a multiple choice, because sometimes the right answer is not the best answer. My ability helps me lie to my family and friends whilst reassuring them everything is okay. I can choose my answers in conversation. I can't in these exams. There's only answer to the velocity of a moving truck in my GCSE Maths exam. And even when it asks for how I got to the answer, it shows them too.
I guess right now, we'll see what happens after the Results Day! And I can enjoy this perfect summer of good choices. 
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