Boss thought it be an idea if we have a few teams to locate people with abilities. Of course there are a few different teams for several cases. There’s an Attack team for when they know there is a threat and Nega is team leader. With his ability, he should be able to stop mostly anyone. An Investigation team is led by Virus, and they try to resolve police cases. There’s also a Search team, Bolt leads, they find the problems for us. I’m leader of the Discovery team. We look at strange cases around the world where things don’t make sense, and with my ability, being able to make sense of them is very easy.
Boss has sent the Discovery team to find a mysterious woman in Africa. She believes she is linked with god and supposedly can perform miracles using his will. I'm going down to check what it actually is, as my first official mission, I'm quite excited. Being able to help others has always been a dream of mine and though I thought that could be in teaching or medicine, I'm not bothered that it's this way, because I believe I'm helping.
I've been sent down with Faze, Shield and Doctor for safety and protection, but if she complies we can help. Should anything go horrifically wrong, Disc should be on her way down. She is powerful but not powerful enough to build a link between England and Africa. It may take her a few minutes to travel down.
We reached the village the reports had located.
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