A giant hole appeared out of nowhere not too far from me. From it a man in his mid 40's walked through. His skin instantly turned like mine, black with green light streaks flashing down it. He looked around and then saw me. He quickly turned around and hurriedly moved his fingers. A hole like the previous started to grow in front of him. I flew towards him quickly and jolted him away from the portal. He was trying to escape this place and I wouldn't let him without getting answers first. I landed on him and pinned him down. He felt like he couldn't escape
"Who are you? How did you get here?" I asked
"Get off me!"
"Tell me!"
I conjured up a cage. Despite his appearance he has no ability to manipulate the world around him. The cage bars warped around our bodies grabbing his and releasing my grip from him. The cage sat there floating on nothing. I sat in the space in front of him. The beauty of this world was you could sit or stand or conjure anything from any angle. There were no limits to what I could do. There was no physical space unless you conjured it. The existence of this world was unlimited. 
The man couldn't move. Trapped in a cage and hands bound to the structure, he began to speak.
"I am Emnio. I can move through different dimensions by creating portals. Do you know where we are?"
"Yes, this is the Internet"
"Yes and no, the Internet does not have a physical realm and you and I exist here. We are in..."
"iNo... I know!" I interrupted.
"err.. yes."
"But it's practically the internet. I can access everything the internet can access, hack into systems, travel through networks. It's like a direct connection with our internet"
"You can only accessed the Earth system? ... Interesting"
"Don't worry, can I please leave?"
"Take me with you!"
"I cannot do that. Whilst I may look like you, my physical body adapts to the environment I enter. Your body has connected with this environment, and it may not be reversible if you enter airspace again. If I take you through to Earth, your body may not take physical form again. Your atoms would scatter. You've adapted here. You can live forever here. You can create what you wish here too by the looks of things. This is your dimension now."
I was saddened by this and his hands broke free. I turned away for a moment to rethink and when I looked back at the cage, he had gone. I let go of the creation of the cage and it disintegrated. I was alone again.
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