I ran into his office, “Foster, Have you got Tyger too? I know you’ve got Lily, but have you got Tyger?” Tyger was missing, I got a message from school. 
“Hestia, it’s going to be okay, he won’t have gone far. Has he been practicing his ability?”
“I don’t care about his ability, I don’t know where he is!” 
“Well if he’s been practicing, he may have turned himself into something small that you may not have seen?”
“He hasn’t been to school today, I dropped him off, he wouldn’t do it at school, you know what kids are like!”
“True. Have you rung everyone we know, and any of his friends?”
“His friends are at school, and I didn’t want him here, I made sure I rang everyone before you.” He looked upset at that comment. “Sorry, but you took Lily, I didn’t want you taking Tyger too.
“Have you been reading the news?”… The missing people, a few of them had powers.
“Yes, I don’t want him to be one of them, we’ve got to tell the police though first.” 
“I can send a search party out, I have a few people who can get out looking quickly.”
“What people have you ‘collected’?” He used this term when he told me he first set up the centre. It was a horrible term.
“Please don’t call it that. We have a man with super speed, Daphne is still here and can teleport further now, and we also have a girl who can search the internet, cctv, social media, anything to look for him.”
“Tell them please. Find Tyger for me.”
“We will. Lily is downstairs if you want to see her.”
I went down to see Lily, who was being schooled with a bunch of other powered kids. We spoke for a bit then I headed upstairs to try and calm myself. I kept thinking of the missing people: the twins and their younger brother, a woman named Brittany, possibly Pyrette, the prisoned boy, an elderly man, the woman from the mental asylum, Doolittle the man from that TV show about the animals and the three children from the nursery. The news is reporting them all as missing people, that have been reported every day for the past week. No reports today, but Tyger. Please I hope he hasn’t been taken too. I went to the police because… I had to.
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