It was a hot summers day in June and I remember bathing in the sun in my back garden. My boyfriend, at the time, had just brought me some delicious orange juice, and maybe a bit of vodka in it too. Anyway, I was having a lovely day when all of a sudden I could see myself burning, except I wasn’t. It was as if my body was suddenly steaming or whatever and I just decided to cover it, but I checked later, and I lost a lot of weight. I tried to get up but my legs had disappeared. I screamed but I think my boyfriend was out and well, I never saw him again anyway but he could have helped me, you know.
So I was screaming and no one could hear me because I was at my dads place which is on top a large hill. I just lay there watching the steam off my body melt me away until I couldn’t see anymore. I felt myself floating up into the air, like I had died or something and couldn’t stop it from happening. I think I blacked out.
I woke up on a cloud, but at the time, I like thought was dreaming. I was naked and walking around above the clouds, really confused, like. I saw a pool though and decided to swim. If it were a dream, that’s what I’d do because I love swimming. It was quite beautiful but then it got stranger. All the water soaked up inside of me, making me really big, but then I could see on my body that it was too much, and my skin started to burst with lots of water spilling out back into the pool. I felt like I was being washed away, and when I was back in the pool, I felt like I was scattered in the pool.
Then all of a sudden, I fell. It felt like I had completely exploded out and was falling to the ground. Every time a part of me hit the ground, it felt like someone stabbing me with a pin. So basically, every part of my body was stabbed but at different times. When it felt like my head hit the ground, I blacked out again, and woke up in the hospital like three days later.
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