The two heavies took the metal box from my head and pushed me toward the legs of a man sitting on a throne. He was a big man, of abnormal height and looking overweight. He was bald and wore a smug grin on his face. Chains were wrapped around his body, so much that they were almost embedded to his fatty skin. I followed the chains wrapped between fingers, around his wrist, down his arms around his neck and torso down to his waist then wrapping around his legs and ankles. He was not in pain though. He let out a small chuckle. 
"You like what you see?" He asked raising his arm and showing off his attire. He didn't wear much so the chains were the main attraction. His tight fitting shorts and baggy vest hung under the chains. He wore flipflops on both feet with grotty toes inching out the top. 
"I can help unbind you from these chains, if you would like?" I said to him. Truthfully I could though. It wouldn't be pleasant but it would work. 
"What?! And ruin this masterpiece?" He swung out his arm toward me. The sound of chains rattled around the room. "These chains do not bind me." Chains flew toward me from multiple angles grabbing my wrists, ankles and waist, stopping me in motion. "These are my tools. My trade." He paused and lowered his head toward me. "My toys." As he raised his hands, my wrists flew me up from the floor. Pulling from my waist out, the chains stretched my arms and legs so I was hovering above the floor. I felt pain in my muscles as were being pulled from my body. 
I stopped this madness. I wasn't going to be bullied by someone's ability when my own can beat it in a heartbeat. I used one of his fears and turned all the chains around me to snakes. The beauty of using fears to my command and transforming objects into new constructs is the objects are less scary for me. The opponent however, usually trembles. The man in front of me jumped in horror. He pulled his legs towards his chair and brought his arms closer to his chest. I fell to the ground quickly as did the snakes, who all turned towards the man in the throne. 
"SORCERY!" He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and turned them back to useless chains lying on the ground. He relaxed but responded graciously. "I respect a man who stands up to me. That's a fine power you have there. What else can you do?"
"I can transform things into objects of fear. Whatever the people around me fear, I can transform. For instance, your grunts out there.." I grew in size and shape, mirroring the man before me.
"You sure that's not your own fear" he replied, impressed not only with my ability but his dominance over his minions.
I started to transform back into my body. "Considering your ability is weak to me, you don't scare me." For a moment however I worried that my words would have consequences within this gang. 
"Interesting. Do you want a job?" The question I had been waiting for. It takes a good deal of time to be recognised by this gang. I'd never heard of their leader, but knew he was a respectful man. I worried I would have been taken by a rival gang  like the Sewer Rats or the Snake Eyes, but I'm glad the Ironclad had found me. The Ironclad were rumoured to use metal throughout their teams. The metal box around my head was the clue but this man proved the rumour true.
"Of course, I go by Horraw. And you're name?" I waited in hope.
"King Pinned. Welcome Horraw, to the Ironclad." A metal clang sounded around and the floor opened to reveal a staircase leading downstairs.
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