I'm alive. I've always been alive. I've always been trapped. Ever since those stupid children turned me into this marble and placed me here.
I cannot sense the way I did when I was human. I cannot physically feel myself but I can feel where I am. I can feel the wet soil around me. I cannot hear through ears but I can feel vibrations in the ground around me. I was dropped here but it has been many years and time has buried me completely.
I've not forgotten who I am or what happened. Not much has happened since that night for me and I no longer have a body that ages so my mind or soul has been constant. 
My power however, that has been constantly active. I cannot contain it within myself. It was transformed when I transformed. It is a part of me but I cannot control it. I wanted to remove those abilities from those children and I was able to from one, but my power does not like being contained. It changed. At first, it was charging. It couldn't manipulate powers so it started creating one. The ability to scream at deafening sounds. It tried to use the ability but instead it just released it into the world to find a new host. Then the charging happened again. It's been doing it for years, decades. 
I've been learning too. With every power that is distributed, I get a glimpse of the ability. It cannot create the same ability twice and seeing as Transfiguration had been a power before, it cannot recreate it. It has tried shapeshifting, but the host needs a heart. It has tried elemental embodiment but it cannot return to the human form. It has tried collecting powers of those around it, but those kids are long gone. It has powers I don't understand. Words like internet, atom, radiation, aeroplane, Jedi, microwave and Pokémon are unknown to me. The ability is learning about the world around it but cannot divulge me with information. Reacting and creating thousands of new abilities so that it can work as normal. 
A trapped power is erratic and unstable.
A free power can be controlled by its user. 
I am trapped within the power and it cannot be stopped. 
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