There were more people here now. We should have handled the press release better. But the topic is hot on everyone’s minds and there are hundreds of debates on the matter. We released news of the Negaband. Nega’s arrival meant Boss could create a device one can wear on the wrist to control someone’s abilities. There were a few different strength levels. Some wanted their powers gone completely, others wanted some control. Boss created the band with a few of us to test it out. He implemented a dial for the strength levels, a lock switch on the inside and a screen to show information. It was quite clever. He used Lydia’s power for the information screen though I think there’s more behind it.
I was in the waiting room for security. My power let’s me see peoples roles like a chessboard. Bishop’s the name. I see glowing colours and shapes inside people. If someone is about to be mindlessly attacked, I see a white pawn inside of them and the attacker will have a red knight within them. People who have a hidden agenda appear as a blue bishop. Those that want to help become a purple rook. The Boss appears as a Green King, one who is in control and Queens appear every now and then on a subordinate level. The lights never go out though. Some of the colours change which confuse me but they never go out.
The waiting room was full. People were now lining up outside the building. It was going to be a long process but worth it in the long run. Boss has told the media he will hand a Negaband to anyone who comes to HOME to be assessed. Some people don’t want their powers gone but are under influence of their parents or guardians. That’s why we have the consultation. We have lots of room downstairs so this can be sorted out. We have many options before a Negaband is needed, unless its an emergency.
A small girl started crying by my feet. She had a pawn symbol glowing from her chest through her shirt but it was shaking. I’d not seen this before. I saw Lydia turn her head at me. She started walking this way, fiddling with a Negaband. She was configuring it nervously. I looked at the girl. Her pawn symbol turned purple then red then blue. It cracked down the centre and the room turned dark.
I tried to look for Lydia but she had faded away. The girls crying got louder, and her pawn symbol was growing, pushing out of her chest. I turned my head but the pawn followed me. The girl had gone now but I could still hear her deafening cry. I lost my footing and fell to the floor, face down. I tried to shake it off and the darkness lifted for a moment before I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned my head. The pawn was now a white figure with arms, legs and a large sword in one hand, my shoulder in its other hand. It let go and pointed behind me. I turned my head and an army of red and black chess pieces were about 10 meters away, running towards us. I turned back to the white pawn but it had gone and more chess pieces were running towards me. All my routes blocked, I had nowhere to run. They were almost here. A black bishop jumped up in the air and shot an arrow towards me, I tried to dodge but it curved towards me and skimmed my face, I felt it bleed but it was too late, they were everywhere. All over me, grabbing my arms and legs, I tried to resist but they were strong. I was being hit too, arrows flying in. Carried and bashed around, I hit my head on a Rook and blacked out.
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