I fell off the roof of student halls. My flatmates had rushed me to hospital. I told them I was fine but they wouldn’t let me treat myself. A few of us were messing around with the girls TV antenna because we pulled pranks on them like they did to us. It was funny at the time but I fell. I think I died for a few seconds. Or almost at least. My power doesn’t let me die. It’s happened before. I jumped off a bridge like a few of my mates but I jumped poorly and hit a rock on the way down. Blood spewed from my head and I crashed into darkness rather than water. I woke up on sand with one of my mates next to me. I was fine, except for my arm had broken. I pushed it back into place, it didn’t hurt that much and it healed itself. He already knew about my power but my other friends didn’t and they had run away and ignored me after.
But these were university friends and they didn’t know yet. They were wheeling my broken body in a trolley to the hospital. Glamorous, I know. It was uncomfortable but I landed in it, and they didn’t want to move me. I didn’t feel the pain I should’ve. I probably should have been dead but ever since my tumour, I haven’t felt much pain and have healed every wound. I’ve never got drunk, or got high and never been ill since.
This was my hometown, so this was the hospital I was treated in for the tumour. Most of the doctors knew of my ability and directed me towards Dr Andy, my surgeon. He got me out of the trolley and back together again. He gave me a bandage for my arm, for show and I thanked him. I picked up a few syringes, unwrapped them and injected some blood from my arm. I gave it to him in thanks. He was grateful. He put the blood into a few blood bags and placed them in his pocket. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been here since.
A few times I’ve been in, and have given him some of my blood for getting the tumour out of me. My blood does miraculous work and he’s helped a few cancer patients, mental disabilities and newborn children with the blood. It doesn’t work instantly so it doesn’t look strange. But slowly the patients get better and are healed. The hospital has needed it. It has been low on funding but its success rate had been higher in the past few years, so it has been kept on. We both left and I went back to uni with my friends. I decided to tell them later that evening and they all understood.
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