I was talking with Boss about the new team initiative, when two men and a short woman walked through the door. One of the men closed the door behind him, and I was sure I saw a flash of light under the doorway. 
“Safe” said the other man, directed towards the woman. 
“Ok, time for business,” the woman announced. “Boss, Lydia, I need you two and Nega to come with me to LAB11. I’ll wait here, while you retrieve Nega.”
Boss nodded then grabbed my arm and we walked out the door to search for Nega.
“Who was that?” I asked further down the corridor.
“Agent Lyza. She has Enhanced Memory, she knows everything she’s been told, learnt or read, even subconsciously. She works for New Yorks LAB11, a secret underground base that keeps powered individuals who are out of the ordinary. These are the seriously strange cases, some too dangerous to be out in the open. I once tried to treat a girl who steals hours of your life and uses them to age at an accelerated rate. She was technically 4 years old, but looked in her mid 50s. She died a few weeks after I met her.”
“Interesting. I couldn’t read any of them, my power didn’t have any effect on them.”
“How strange. The two suited agents, Agent Keyth and Agent Destini have Door Portal Generation and Flash Precognition, they know what’s going to happen and leave before it does, so no funny business. Nega should be in there”
“These are the sorts of teams I was talking about” I said promptly, this was exactly what I was thinking with the HOME centre. Due to the problems that occur, extraordinary people we find, and our list of strange cases, we could develop a few teams to create some heroes in this debating world.
We collected up Nega and headed back to Lyza. She nodded her head and Agent Keyth grabbed the closed door handle and opened the door to a completely different room. We all entered into this brightly lit circular hall and followed Lyza as she guided us to a door labelled “Yellowstone”. 
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