The Negabands were a bad idea. We have decided to stop giving them out due to the raw power of what they can do to people. Nega is brilliant on his own and can actually disable peoples powers now, one of the consequences, of learning about his ability here, that I didn’t see. I guess I wanted some control with the media, and it has helped in a sense with that aspect.
We have sent out about 50 Negabands and we’re going to destroy the remaining. We are attempting to get in contact with those that received one but most don’t seem to answer us which is understandable considering. We don’t know what will happen if that information got leaked. It’s quite a serious matter at hand. For now, I've told the press that there is a technical issue with the bands.
The problem with the Negabands is the afterward process. We didn’t know that powers could evolve if the band is taken off or in some cases, turned off. Our knowledge of this appears to be only relating within the bands, when Nega uses his power around others, powers don't evolve, maybe it’s more empathetic with Nega. The bands have no feelings, whereas Nega’s ability grew from fear, anger, and courage. Who knows what possibilities could happen now that those bands are out in the public.
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