My brothers were battling one afternoon and I felt strange, that's how I came to be like this. 
I have two older twin brothers who each have the power to control light or darkness. They're pretty good with them, they can do all sorts of things and I try to help them with different ideas. But this time was strange. They were playing a game where I was the prize. They're not rough with me, they'll save me over themselves any day. TJ had saved me but tripped up and we both slammed to the ground. He got up first and couldn't see me. I tried to get up but I think I had twisted or bruised my ankle so it was a struggle. I got up and they were arguing both ready to attack each other. I limped between them as AJ shot his beam of light. Instead of massacring me, it flowed through me like I didn't exist. TJ sent solid shade blockers through the light which pushed me onto the ground again. I yelped in pain but I wasn't heard by them both. TJ entered his shadow seeking character. His eyes turned completely black and his skin started to emit wisps of black smoke. He stood there turning his head every now and again. His eyes would be moving around looking for my shadows but he couldn't see them. No one could see me. I was a ghost. He returned to normal and dropped to the ground. AJ shot up, he can become pure light and soar through the sky. It takes a lot of effort and tires him out but it's a good escape route. He was gone. I crawled towards TJ and grabbed his hand. He instantly held tight and looked up confused.
"JJ? You there?"
What could I do? How do I communicate? I squeezed harder.
"Is that you?" He pulled his hand from mine then held out his palm. "Touch my palm if it's you." I used one finger and touched his palm. "Oh my god, JJ! We have to get you to HOME. They can sort this!"
I held his hand and we both got up, forgetting my ankle. I fell back down letting go of his hand. A puff of dirt rose around me and I believe TJ could see where I was without being able to see me.
"Are you hurt?" He asked. He knew. I reached out and grabbed his foot. "Your foot? Is your foot hurt?" I tapped his ankle in confirmation.
Around me things got dark. The floor turned from a stoney grey to black within seconds. I was being raised, TJ was raising me. I sat on a black plate levitating above the ground and saw the strain on TJ's face as he pushed it towards the door. It was getting dark out but TJ wouldn't give up, he didn't need to either. As darkness would draw in, TJ would draw in shadows from the nighttime to generate energy. We were outside and TJ looked better. HOME was a few miles west but it seemed TJ wanted to take a different route and headed north. 
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