I was in the data stream. I’ve spent most my time here since getting my abilities three weeks ago. I’ve learnt that I can eat data to survive and sleep in offline computers. It can get tiresome jumping from system to system.
Today I’m hoping to hack the HOME centre. It’s interesting because I can see through screens of hardware that’s connected to the internet, so through most cameras, printers, phones, laptops, computers, TVs, just endless! HOME is full of them and more. It’s underground and strangely massive. Whilst travelling around, I can see London aboveground. Computer screens, TVs and printers are online, sitting around. Phones, cameras and gaming devices casually go on and off moving around the place. But then below ground, there aren’t many phones connected, except for the HOME centre where everything is online, with an incredible signal. It’s going to be very easy to get into their systems. 
I got closer, looking through their security footage, and surveying who was around. A girl looked right into the camera I was at. That was strange. I swam towards the kitchen. They have most their appliances connected to the internet. The girl was there and looking at me. I swam away. 
How could I be seen? Is that even possible? I know if I get into a computer system, my body can appear in software but I know I wasn’t in the computer system. I was just browsing. An email flew past me. I caught it and ate it. It gave me a buzz but I was nervous eating. I needed to see who she was. She has a phone.
I swam towards her moving phone. She stopped instantly and got it out of her pocket. I entered her messaging app and sent her a message.
“How can you see me?”
“Who are you?” She replied.
“Doesn’t matter.”
“Yes it does. I’ve not seen anyone like you, what are you doing?”
“I’m in the data stream,” I realised I was the only person calling it that, “it’s my power.”
“The Data stream? You’re in the internet? How did you get there?”
I pushed my hand through the screen. It rippled, I could see her stunned. She turned her head. Someone had seen, and screamed. She went to push me back but I’d pulled out a few moments earlier. She was walking elsewhere. 
“How can you see me?”
“I don’t know. My power lets me detect how much signal there is. I didn’t know I could see into the data itself. You should probably get checked by the Boss.”
“I’d rather not. I don’t want him using my power for the ‘greater good’.”
“It’s not really for him, it’s to help us. He doesn’t use us, he protects us.”
“I don’t need protecting. So far you’re the only one who’s seen me, and you’re not a threat" 
"What about when you enter back into the real world?”
“Who says I’m coming back?”
“Does it not get lonely?”
I didn’t think of that. This was the first time I had communicated with anyone in weeks. I haven’t seen my dad in a while. I had paused.
“Well if you need someone to talk to, and don’t want to go to the Boss, just come here, and I’ll talk. But it would be nice to talk in person, away from the screen. If not here then elsewhere. I don’t think you should be alone with your power. Sometimes things can get overwhelming and confusing and it’s hard in this world when you’re in an unknown place with unknown power.”
“Ok. Thank you, I’ll be in touch, possibly”
“Anytime. Can I see your face?”
I used her camera app to take a picture of myself. I hadn’t seen myself in a while and I had changed.
“It’s in your gallery. Goodbye”
I left and returned home. That girl was nice. I’d have to go back to get her name sometime. She was cute.
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