It was time, I need them all. I have teleportation and a clairvoyant now, I might as well collect up the rest. I needed to clear out the HOME first. There are more bases worldwide, but I need that one first, it's the main spectacle.
I'm a collector. I collected mere coins before, but now I collect powers. I've had my ability for years now, and many more to come. I have a healer and an age modifier in my collection so good luck to anyone waiting for me to die.
Out in the middle of, well, somewhere in this world, I have a large underground warehouse full of glass cubes. Half of these cubes have a power in them. I have lots of powers. And the teleporter and clairvoyant have made it very easy for me to collect new ones. Before I had to plan escape routes and look at CCTV for footage of anything, the amount of time I've spent chasing the wrong person or getting a powerless, it was heart-breaking. But much easier now. I can take a power from any of the cubes and use it
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