I was nervous but I entered the room. A group of people were sat in a circle. There were people of different ages and just behind them was a buffet of food. A man suspected I was new and waved at me to sit on an empty chair. I went to sit down and he smiled and said:
"I think that's everyone for now. Hello, I'm James and welcome to the Portsmouth Ability Direct Encouragement Nest, Pompey Ability DEN for short. We're not a very big group but rather than going all the way to London, to visit the HOME, we give local people the help they need in localised areas. We appear to have three new members today, Jackson, David and Penelope. Welcome to you all. We encourage you to participate as often as you wish, so we become a civilised group for the future.
We often begin by introducing ourselves and our abilities. Then we can share stories or troubles for open discussion. So my name is James, I'm 32 and I have the ability to learn what peoples intentions are by thought."
A young woman stood up next as James sat down. She bowed her head to everyone. "My name is Lin, I'm 19 and I can shape shift into a dragon." She demonstrated too. Her head grew long and thin and scales appeared across her body. He clothes materialised and a furry blue mane slid down her back. Yellow whiskers and small pointed wings grew as her body shifted downwards to create a four legged creature. She stopped for a few seconds before releasing the form and changing back to a human again.
Instantly the next man stood up, "Hi I'm Jackson. I'm new. I'm 23. I have the ability to see through objects, translate and speak every language, and can identify sources of smells. " He then smiled briefly and sat down.
It took some time, but we eventually got round the full circle. Timothy has a Protection Beam, Jazz has Sound Persuasion, and Len has Future Vision via Mirrors. Rosie can control artificial light sources, Kieran can repair and damage eyesight, and Penelope has a kangaroo-like pouch on her belly that can stretch and store almost any object in an alternate dimension that she calls an Infinite Pouch. Sarah-Louise has a mermaid form, Amy can generate her own armies and Candy can alter her body shape. Triplets, Hugh, Lewis and Duke have Rock Form, Paper Form and Blade Arms revealing themselves as the Rock, the Paper and the Scissors.
Next to me, Peter has revealed under his long fringe that he is a Cyclops and can summon strength, speed and dexterity from willpower. As he sat down, I stood up.
I started talking but I didn't want to.
"Hello. I'm David. I am 29 years old and can fly."
Everyone looked impressed but I couldn't show them. I know that only when I'm happy, my power works and is barely controllable too. I needed help with my power which is why I came. I'm too nervous right now. James picked up on my intentions and moved on. I was slightly happier by this and could feel myself a little lighter. I closed my eyes and focused away from him. I needed to lose the happiness until I had control. The meeting went on
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