“In 1922, 9 orphans and 1 man received the first superpowers: Speed, Strength, Healing, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Travel, Flight, Invisibility, Transmutation, Power Removal. A strange meteor struck the orphanage one night and their lives had changed forever. One man had a choice to let these orphans be extraordinary humans or end it all with his power to remove the orphans. But he lost control of them and his efforts to save them ended in tragedy that brought new life to many new hosts.”
“Edward, 10, was given Super Speed. Time felt slow for him as it affected him straight away. Exciting possibilities entered his head and he ran, far away. It was later discovered at the age of 15, he was killed in the Amazon rainforest from an insect bite." 
"Mary, 14, was given Invisibility. She disappeared the second she had got it and wasn’t seen again.”
“Margaret, 4, was given Flight. On activation of her ability she kept floating upwards. She saw wonders of the city and a perfect view above the clouds. However she had no control of this ability and kept flying upward. Her broken body was found floating in the river a day later.”
“Charles, 2, got Time Travel. He blinked out for a second and arrived back a few minutes later. He looked a year older meaning the Time Travel aged him greatly for every time he traveled, unbeknownst to the actual ageing process he carried on jumping through time losing his life to time.”
“Arthur, 9, had been given Telepathy. The strength of the previous children’s abilities were so great, it didn’t look as if his was high level too. However he never spoke a word again and was sent to a mental asylum at an older age due to his lack of progress in life. Most days he sat around staring at walls. Other days he would lay down on the floor, eyes closed but most definitely awake.”
“Evelyn, 12, looked also like her power wasn’t strong. However her body was constantly healing itself. She lived a long healthy, youthful life but died at the age of 66 due to developing a brain tumour that year. Her ability did not help the tumour and instead advanced its growth caused her brain to dysfunction.”
“Lillian, 8, was given Teleportation. She stayed put with her ability, not really using it. As with Alan, 10, with Transmutation, who also stayed within the orphanage, sane and appearing normal. Harold, 7, who received Super Strength died that night, however all three were part of a plan ruined the life of the man, the caretaker who worked in the orphanage, whether they meant it or not.”
“Patrick Brown was a caretaker of an orphanage. One night a meteor struck the building giving multiple children and himself abilities that were not normal. He passed out and some of the children had gone. He woke up from a dream about his ability and looked at the remaining children. Evelyn had tried to wake him up and when he woke with a fright, she was scared and slit her arm on a wooden stake caused from the broken table on the kitchen floor. He watched as her arm reversed the blood flow and her arm healed itself. He went to grab her but she ran off. Harold who was holding up a falling cabinet was instead grabbed and he lost his ability. The cabinet took gravity’s toll and crushed Harold, Lillian screaming at the sound of the broken bones. Alan rushed to the cabinet and used his ability to change it into a blanket. Patrick was stunned at them and what they could do and went to grab Alan too. But Alan saw and instead used his power on the caretaker. Patrick froze and watched as his arms retracted back towards his body. His vision blurred as with his thoughts and hearing until he couldn’t feel anything else. From Lillian’s view, she watched as the caretaker, clothes and all, changed slowly into a crystal ball. The ball glowed. A few seconds later and the ball vibrated until with a loud pop, a blue glowing sphere flew upward out of it and through the building. The balls glow dimmed but still shone on the floor. Alan asked Lillian to put the ball somewhere no one could find it. She picked it up and disappeared. She reappeared seconds later and walked to Harold. Harold had died and she cried softly. The blanket lay over him, Alan covered him completely and cleverly converted a splinter of wood into the cabinet placed next to Harold for the police to find. Lillian and Alan never spoke of this event again.”
Hannah dropped the splinter of wood. She had found it in a metal box in her grandparents bedroom. She knew she could see the history of an object just by touching it and was curious as to why they kept a piece of wood in their bedroom locked away like this. It was the start of their life, her grandparents, Lillian and Alan Haroldson, and she knew why now. She didn’t understand how she got her power, but she had been all over the house using her ability to see their happy memories together. She didn’t realise that the most important piece of their life had been this piece of wood. They died after a long and happy life but Hannah suddenly didn’t feel like she could live in this house, after being granted it from their wills. Hannah locked the splinter back up and took it downstairs, to take it to the HOME, to see what they made of her discovery.

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