I woke up from a coma, it only lasted three days but still a coma. I had lots of flowers around me. I felt bruised an checked my face. I was fat. I felt fat. I pulled off the bed sheets as quick as I could, though it took a while as I was obviously bruised. I was fatter. It was disgusting. I had gained like 5 stone, it was horrible. I screamed and doctors came in. They told me I was in shock and my sister came in crying but happy. She was a little geek and I’m sure she had known about all the facts. She asked to tell me what they found out, and whilst smiling, she sat down.
“You know of Pyrette, and the Magician, right? Well you’re similar to them in that the doctors have found something new about your body.You were found during a rainstorm but you were in the most dry area and rain wouldn’t fall where you were. You can hold water in your body, you may have had dreams of water, but here’s the thing. You’re still holding a lot of water, like a sponge. You feel fat, I know you do. Somehow to get thin, all you have to is squeeze it out. The doctors told me about what you….”
That was it, I had to squeeze the water out of my body?
“… so we placed buckets around your…”
This was too strange but those times in the clouds and the steam and the falling, they were so vivid.
“… that’s if you know how, it doesn’t have to be…”
How do I do this, do I push, do I just release? Do I need to be sick? I haven’t eaten anything. I interrupted her and asked how to do it.
“I just told you, have you not been paying attention?" She rolled her eyes, "I performed a test on you, as soon as I heard, I ran through the logistics in my head, just in case. I got a pin, and pricked your finger. You didn’t stir but a small drop of faint blood seeped out. I tested the water myself, oh that’s something I have to tell you too, but you know what I found, 90% water. It was barely blood. I know this seems rash but if we made an incision on the side of your belly, it would just fall out. I’ve worked out that if we make an incision here on your stomach, one below your left cheek and…”
I zoned out again, she wasn’t telling me something, she was much smarter than before, and she’s talking much quicker. I can see her eyes not focusing on my face, like she’s seeing something.
“… your arteries are pumping it through and when they hit the open wounds…”
“Stop. What’s going on with you?” I asked. She flinched like she was in the zone for a minute and was being pulled out.
“I’m… I’m the same, well not exactly the same, I have an ability like you. I can see it all, I can see your power working in your body, I can see how it will develop your body, I can see all the statistics happening within your body. It’s like I know your power already. When I pricked your finger, and I felt your hand, I could see your memories with your ability. When you were evaporating into the clouds, and becoming rain, falling towards the ground. I saw it all.”
Wow, didn’t expect that, but at least I didn’t have to tell her, she knew more than me about my body and she knew what to do to get my thin again, and she knows what I can do to get out of hospital. Might need to use her again.
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