With the Team Leaders out, we weren't prepared. Chomosome attacked us in the safehouse. We have no idea how he found us, but that didn't matter. We were not the strong ones, otherwise we'd be out there fighting or living our lives.
Chromosome was Orange. I'd done a little bit of studying and knew his weaknesses, but I had to use who I had with me there to beat him. I luckily had Bandana, she could sort out the Blue if I could sort out her confidence. For Black, I could attempt to use Protector. Rhino could be good for Red and Doctor could work for Pink. Coff was there but I didn't know what to do. Lilac would be perfect against Chromosome but she was living her life now, I could possibly try calling her in and use Needles to bring her here, but that would take time. Time we don't have. I had Bloom too, but we were supposed to be protecting her.
Chromosome faded to Blue. Everyone was shocked. I called to Bandana, just told her to focus and tell her I'd use my power to enhance her game. Her chest glowed brighter so it was working. Chromosome attacked Poppy. Protection stopped the attacks, but she wasn't strong. Bandana raised her hands and her scarves flew. Chromosome was lifted off the ground and slowly getting thinner; she was constricting him. He threw a sword her way. A scarf blocked it and it shattered. He was stunned but his hair was greying and growing.
Grey? Silver? No. Yellow. He was turning yellow. I shouted at Needles, for something to block his hands. He struggled to think of anything, lost for though. Poppy was already on it. She was blowing black bubbles at his hands. Yellow slows Chromosome down, and there's a waiting period before the stun. His eyes were turning black but his hands were now covered. Nothing happened and his eyes grew thing.
He went Green. We weren't prepared for Green, and I struggled for a moment. Coff had a faint glow. I didn't understand but then he shone brightly as he dove in front of the bullets aimed for Poppy. There was no glow after. Coff had gone. Poppy screamed and a Bubble appeared around us all. Her eyes were flooded with tears.
The room darkened. Chromosome was turning Black. I got back into action as the bubbles around us faded. I told Protection to encase him but he had thrown a black bomb. We had time but she had to do it. The bombs flew outward but then were teleported back to Chromosome. Needles had helped and Protection sealed him with them. He smiled and the Bombs went off.
An explosion of fire blew inside but the fire was turning Pink. I ran to Doctor and told him to keep himself alive but to slit his throat and get towards the fire. Protection couldn't hold out for much longer and Doctor trusted me enough to do it. He slit his throat with his knife but stopped the bleeding and walked to the shield. Poppy gasped in shock, trembling. Protection let go and a stream of pink hit Doctor. He glowed Pink. I shouted to him to heal once the burns started to hurt. Blood poured from Chromosomes neck. Doctor fell to his knees and down across the floor. Rhino ran at Chromosome, horn first and pierced him in stomach. Rhino threw his too down on the floor where he shook and tried to change to a multitude of colours, none holding up.
Blood started to flow across the floor. Doctor got up, with a bloody tshirt but checked his skin and was fine. Chromosomes body turned colourless and his eyes dead. Needles got rid of the body. Everyone turned towards Coff. Doctor ran to him and surveyed the damage. The green bullets don't just wound, they explode and shatter inside the body. Green shards were protruding from Coffs chest. He was dead.
Poppy ran outside. Needles laid him on the bed. Doctor cleaned the wounds whilst Bloom made a wooden coffin that had grown from the ground. Bandana converted the curtains into bedding and Needles put him into the coffin. Bloom grew some lilies and lay them with his hands. Everyone gathered round and it started to rain. Protection shielded us from the downfall.
There was a moment of silence before I closed the lid with Rhino and the ground opened up to lower him down. The coffin was guided down by Bloom and the dirt flowed back to the usual ground. The grass started to grow and got brighter. Poppy was crying again as was Bloom and Protection. Dabs of water seeped through Protections shield as she was weakened by her sorrow. Bloom grew a wooden cross and poppies entwined themselves around the wood. Patchworks of colourful flowers grew in the grass and Bloom was now tearful but smiling. Small stones jumped from the ground around the patchwork. People started to leave, but Poppy stayed still. Doctor stood behind her and I left to leave her alone.
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