"What do you want to eat?" The large man looked like a chef, like he'd been working his whole life chopping onions and grating cheese. He was French too, he was definitely a chef before this. The Fortune Teller had made it to the counter when the Chef looked up at her.
"Surprise me!" She knew what was coming, her ability had developed enough that she saw herself having conversations of the future in the blink of the eye. She learnt more about these people in the paradoxical futures that never happened. Nothing was a surprise anymore.
The Chef closed his eyes and took in the smells from the room in a large breath. His senses mingled as the cravings the woman was having along mixed with the emotions she was feeling. Memories entwined with desires, intentions combined with fears. He knew exactly what her heart desired, what her brain wanted her to do, what she was hoping would appear on that plate. A slight pain in his head proved she really did want a surprise, he could make her anything yet she knew what was coming. He could sense her power resonating from her eyes, she saw what was coming, and he tried to see it too. The plate splashed water at him. He was ready to create the dish.
On the plate was a puddle of water, with a egg in the middle. This was all he needed. The woman watched as he held his hands over the plate. The water started to ripple slowly but soon getting harsher, without losing any from off the plate. Another splash jumped from around the still egg and a glimmer of grey was seen through it. The water stilled though looked deep, a fish started swimming up to the egg flinging it up into the air, but it stopped mid flight. The egg cracked in stillness in the air. It broke apart, the shell shattering and falling into the water. Small flowers grew from the water as the orange goop from the egg started to spin. It started to turn a browny yellow colour and flattened it self out. The flowers had passed but their stems turned yellow, then flopped down onto the water as thin chips. The goop now resembling an omelette sifted down on the water beside the chips. The fish jumped out of the water and exploded, producing light and small white diced cooked fish. They softly laid down on the omelette as a small firework shot from the leftover water that when exploded produced a light covering of salt across the omelette and chips. Small leaves grew from the remaining gaps to add a small side salad. The Chef opened his eyes to see the wonder, and asked the woman what she thought.
"Just like mum used to make it. Thanks Chef!" She said and took the plate to a seat, picking up a knife and fork on her journey. She took one bite of the Smoked Haddock Omelette and smiled. The Chef had done his job!
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