Everyday I was bullied. That’s when it started. Everyday I’d go into school and try to do my best, but the other kids made fun of me. I got beat around because I’m strange to them. I got made fun of because of the way I look. I don't know the cause of my blue streaked hair, it just happened one day. The teachers didn’t help me because I was falling asleep in their classes because the nightmares I had over my bullying. I didn’t have many friends because who’d want to be friends with the troubled kid. No one protected me.
It was late one night, and I couldn’t sleep. I ended up watching a few videos online. I stumbled across one that was a kid standing up to his bullies. The next day I thought I’d give it a try, because what else could I do. I tried to get to sleep but the nightmares of powerful beings beating me down caused me to have nightmares again.
At lunch time at school. I found a bench on the corner of the playground and was able to sit and read for a few minutes. A few of the pages were torn out a few days ago so I decided to just guess what happened in the story. That’s when I saw three beefy guys walk up to me. I put my book in my bag and just waited for them, my head down watching their shadows. Two sat either side of me and one stood in front. In my head I guessed they would hit me harder if I stood up to them but my arms were already bruised, I’m sure a few more wouldn’t be too bad.
They started with the names. I said for them to go away but it was a bit quiet. They heard a murmur and pushed me to spit it out. I said it louder and they shoved me again. They demanded I say it loud.
JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, I shouted to them. Their faces went blank and one by one, they left. I thought this was a joke and flinched in case they attacked again. I relaxed when they were on the other side of the playground playing football with other kids. But in the corner of my eye a few of the girls were heading my way, asking me where they went. I got my book back and shouted to the girls to go away too. Again they were overcome with blank faces and turned on their heels and walked away in different directions.
I thought that I was better at this than expected so I decided to take a walk around the playground. Something I’d not done in a long time. I got some funny looks from people but I told them to look away if they didn’t like me, and they moved on. I went to get some lunch at the canteen. I still had some money in my shoe because I also had money somewhere so the bullies couldn’t take it all. I took my shoe off in the hall and got the money out. A hand appeared only shoulder and I turned while saying F* you! It turned out to be my Geography and Spanish teacher who were pointing at my shoe. My shoe was untied but hadn’t noticed. Before I could say anything, the two teachers faces went blank. They turned to each other and started to take their clothes off. Horrified I turned my head though I could hear them starting to have sex. I ran down the corridor tripping on my lace to the canteen. I remembered my words to everyone. Everyone was doing what I was telling them to, without hesitation. I looked at the old canteen label and demanded she gave me some chips. Some kids turned their heads to which I shouted at everyone to ignore me. The old lady came back with a plate full of chips and I handed over the money. She smiled, held her hand up and said not to worry. I walked to an empty table and ate some nice hot chips. In the mirrored tray I could see my hair wasn't streaky blue, but a neon green and linked the two strange occurrences  together. After eating I must have drifted off because the canteen lady nudged me telling me to leave as I was late for class. I thanked her and ran to Art class.
The teacher was strict, but I knew what to do now. When I walked in the room, everyone went silent. Miss Barnsley asked me to see her outside asking why I was late. I followed her back outside and she crossed her arms in demand for an answer. I told her to mark me in on time. I watched as her face went blank and so I smiled. This was the best day ever. I decided to nap in the corner of the room as I had told the kids to carry on and Miss Barnsley to wake me up when the class ended. I ended up carrying on my day telling people what to do to get my way in class. No one bullied me, no one hit me. I didn’t get told off…
At the end of the day, my hair was streaky orange. I didn't know what the colours meant, but the power was cool. It's certainly something I'll explore with all my bullies for the rest of the week!

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