“Have you seen the news?”
Disc came charging through a portal with an tablet in hand. I was sitting with Lilac and Dome in the lounge. I was messaging with the girl online, Viral, before the portal opened. We were talking about the new visitors recently, we’ve at least tripled in size at HOME and she could see the sorts of powers that were here through our cameras. Some areas were inaccessible because Nega is attempting to control his power. Dome was talking to Lilac about leaving and asking for Lilac to go with her, she was unsure, I could tell in her eyes. She was interrupted by Disc.
“What’s the news this time?” I asked. There was always a debate about the rights of people with powers. London is the hub of all powers now, there are no other centres in other countries for people with abilities. 
 - - Webs: Viral, can we meet? - - 
 - - Viral: Can you come in here? - - 
“Chicago has had a big hit, a ‘sweeping sinkhole’, only it’s not a sinkhole.”
 - - Webs: I don’t think my power lets me. Come into the real world, Boss can try to treat your green pixel-like skin. - - 
 - - Viral: I can’t - - 
I opened the news story on my tablet, looking through pictures of people trapped in the floor, like the floors had all become sinking sand for a few minutes. Legs of people, animals, tables and chairs could be seen stuck in ceilings. 
 - - Webs: Do it for me? - - 
 - - Viral: No, I’ve tried. I can’t seem to exit through the screens anymore. - - 
Dome put the TV on, the news was always the channel on in the lounge. “Report is on here, they’re saying the power has stopped but they have no idea where it began"
 - - Webs: Sounds like an evolved ability. - - 
 - - Viral: I’m scared, I don’t know what to do - -  
“They say it’s unknown how many people were injured, but it’s been confirmed that there are over 200 deaths. This isn’t a good light on us” said Disc, worried.
 - - Webs: I will talk to Boss about it. - - 
 - - Viral: I’ve sent him an email. - - 
“Can we not send Faze and Bolt out there, to help them. It will put us in a good light, right?” I asked, without looking up from my screen.
 - - Webs: He doesn’t check them too often, too busy. I will talk to him, I need to see him anyway. - - 
 - - Viral: Ok - -
“I’ll talk to Boss, you find Bolt and Faze and ask them. Disc, you might be handy if they want to help and Boss doesn’t let us,” I ordered everyone, I was worried more about Viral though. I hurried to Boss’s office, hopefully he can help.
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