Since finding out that some of our abilities can evolve if a Negaband is taken off, we’ve had to change the bands to be unremovable. They are now indestructible thanks to one of our newest residents, Armour, are waterproof, pressure proof, and adapt to their surroundings, thanks to Jenna. We only apply them to people who need them most which are those that cannot live with their power, those that cannot control their power and other special cases. We still recommend the consultation and offer residency to those that want or need it.
A handful of us now have evolved powers. My ability appears to have altered slightly. If I focus on someone, I can see different paths people can take sort of like a hint system in the game of Chess. I can see what piece each person can become with their choices. My head has become more strategic.
Lydia has told me she can see more. She’s been getting news articles popup in her vision. She even gets twitter trends which is crazy!
Nega appears to have the ability to take away someone’s power for good. It worked with Dome, who has now left. Her hair has returned and she’s moved in a new flat with Lilac. Distraction has also left with her power removed. We’d implement this instead of the Negaband but Nega feels tired soon after removing them.
Disc has got stronger. Her power still remains the same but her portals are just ongoing. She appears to have forgotten about some so they work without her knowing. Boss too appears stronger.
We have a few new residents too. Viral has an interesting room, most of us can’t enter it, and she cannot leave it. Webs and Lydia can enter because their powers are internet based, and Viral lives in the internet. Lots of screens are on walls now so she appears around the base on them.
Our other new residents are Firefly who can glow, Armour is indestructible, Fitzpatrick can terraport which is like creating portals through the earth, Bloom is Boss’s daughter who has plant control, Dentist knows how long it’s been since you brushed your teeth, Sinkhole was picked up by Disc from Chicago from the news, Tractor can speed grow crops, Vanity, Virtue and Valour are the triplets, who have attractiveness, goodness and courage inducement.
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