"Honey, I can build rooms with my mind, and not just any rooms, rooms that satisfy a need for people. Rooms that could help people. I need to do this. I need to help people."
This is how HOME was created. HOME is the Help Organisation for Manipulated Entities. It's my way of helping people. I renovated a building which contained a few rooms and built rooms upon it to my design and people who have problems with their powers. They can come to me and I can provide a safe haven for them. We've all seen what Pyrette can do, and if I can help people like her, then I know my job is done.
My ability is strange. I can put my hand on the floor and build a room around me, or I can put my hand on the wall and a door will be be built with a room the other side of it. I bought an expensive plot of land in the outskirts of London, got the relevant planning permission and built a small shelter for powered individuals. I was suggest helping two people and this place would let them come to terms with their abilities. I initially thought about building upwards but we didn't want to draw too much attention to ourselves, so I built a staircase down to a great hall, a common room for people to "hang out" in. I turned to George and touched his shoulder whilst touching a wall. My ability not only creates rooms for myself but can use the abilities of others and creates rooms that fit their specific needs.
George, codenamed Pours, has Water Generation meaning sometimes he appears to sweat a lot. It's just his power fighting to be used. Water will just drip or pour for his skins. His room is waterproof, floodproof and he can be safe around electrics. Small holes cover the floor for a quick drainage system and his bed is like a sponge that soaks the water when using it and automatically drains it away after use.
Jackie, codenamed Golem, has a Rock Form. Her room is built to be strong. In her form a small jump could crack pavements, but in her room, steel floors and carbon fibre carpets keep her comfortable and sturdy. Everything to the door keeps her living in a normal, stable environment without the risk of her breaking anything. She can practically jump on her bed without the risk of falling through the floorboards.
I have dreams where I have the ability to upgrade rooms to fit their needs but I can't seem to work out how to do that yet. For now though, this is best safe haven for these people I can provide and I hope it can help more people in the future.
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