What started as a blessing has turned into a curse. When everything you touch randomly changes it's elemental structure, most times you end up trapped.
I'm currently stuck inside my own house. I thought my ability let me change anything to pure gold but as it turns out, I can turn anything to anything. The ability has me worrying. I can't leave my house because the elemental structure of objects keeps changing. My windows are panes of stone, my door handles have turned to water, I tried slamming though the door with a chair but the chair turned to cloth. I've tried changing the windows countless times, but everything blocks me from leaving. Iron, wood, concrete, gold. I tried putting on gloves to stop the ability but the gloves turned to paint. My body and clothes are the only things that don't change, though I tried taking off a shoe to get to a sock but as soon as it left my foot, it turned to glass.
I was struggling. Trapped. I closed my eyes and screamed, hoping to let out my pain. Crashes and shatters surprised me to open my eyes as liquid and dust fell from the ceiling. Electricity had gone out but one of the ceiling lights was shattering as ice. I backed towards the table, the ceiling now steel slowly lowering down. The table of diamond was a sturdy structure to hide underneath as the house broke around me. The wall behind me fell apart leading to my neighbours living room. Objects were changing around me. Ceramics to paper, carpet to leather, mirrors to slime, the ceiling again changed to some blue crystal. I could see my neighbour in the bedroom on the floor, fire spreading around her untilI could see her no more. A wall collapsed not far from me. On the other side, I saw an explosion. As the flames raced towards me I fell through the floor.
I landed in water. A room full of water I saw a floating mannequin and swam towards it. I could hear screaming on the through a yellow window but I couldn’t do anything to help them. The room had blackened walls and I couldn’t find an exit. I watched as people were struggling in quicksand. A flying man grabbed someone and flew them to the safer area. I saw a blue bridge form over as people reached down to grab others. A woman with long arms pulled some out. Everyone was getting safe when a sudden disk appeared in the air and a woman fell through and into the sand. She fell quickly through it and the disappeared quickly. My power killed her. I held onto the mannequin and sobbed. I should just let go and drown in this water. I closed my eyes and not long after I heard splashes. I tried to open my eyes but blacked out instead. 
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