“Jenna performed magnificently. Her starring role brought passion, glamour, suspense and even a tear to my eye; a truly spectacular…..”
I am loved by so many, and hated by few. I love being an actress, I love to play new characters and learn about the scenes I play in. But my ability is starting to restrict me. My boyfriend knows, he’s a darling, but I feel like there’s only so much time until the media catch up with me. I managed to escape from any form of reveal in my recent film, an alternative dimension set in 1920′s but with hidden technology advances, involving a young girl fighting for rights. I wore gloves, sleeves and tights so my skin was barely shown and chose to wear contacts to hide any eye changes my ability gives me, because that’s what I do, I adapt to my surroundings. During some of the suspense building scenes, my body wanted to hide, my eyes turned green and I was able to see in the dark. Its not good when this happens as it surprises me when I don’t need it to. I have another film lined up after this but don’t want my body to get in the way, I need to see someone about this and might need to pop into the HOME centre when I’m in London next week. Hopefully they can shut this off.
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