I ran for the HOME centre. Its the only place that would accept me now. Its dark outside and I can see the stars in my body glimmering in the night. I heard a noise behind me. A slight growl and then a few moments later a groan. I dashed quicker but it felt like I wasn’t moving. I saw the light from lampposts burn out, the city in the distance fading away, all aspects of light disappearing to leave my body in blackness. Two eyes appeared in front of me. White eyes with deep purple pupils. They moves cautiously around my body. Then a word spoke out but I missed it. 
“What are you?
”I tried to speak but I couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come out. 
Lights suddenly started to appear. A dark shadowed figure stood in front of me. It wasn’t as frightening as it should have been as I was seeing someone fairly similar to myself, trapped within their power. But as the darkness drifted away so did the darkness surrounding him. The lamppost above us shone brightly and I could see him very clearly. I was still black as night.
He reached out his hand, and although I was hesitant to start, I placed my hand on his palm. He pulled up his other hand, palm facing me and went tense. I was watching my hand fade from the night sky to my skin colour. I couldn’t believe it. He was fixing me, but a cat screamed behind us or maybe a fox. It made him jump and as he let go the black poured back into my skin. It was possible to pull it out but he needed better power.
He apologised and I put my hand on his arm and shook my head. I pointed towards HOME. 
“I have no intention in going there. But you should.“
We shook hands to mark a friendship and both headed in separate directions.
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