At 7.32pm there was a knock at the door. I put down my cup of coffee onto the red coaster and bookmarked the 385th page with a blue bookmark. I set the book, Dragonhearth Edge by Christopher Hack, back into the bookcase on the second row between Cat's Cradle by Doreen Grey and Bloodlines by Michael Hadfield. I then walked through the drawing room into the hallway to open the door. Before opening, I switched the lights off and on three times, for good fortune. I then opened the door and smiled at the man before me. 
"Kieran I need you to fix my brother, he has injured his foot but we don't know the problem"
"Thomas, where is your brother?"
"He's here with me. I think he's invisible!"
"Challenging, but I think that's fine. Please, come in."
Thomas walked through with a black disc following behind him. When I closed the door, Thomas followed me through to the living room. The black disc floated to the ground and faded away. I knelt down next to where the disc was and held out the palms of my hands.
"Please lift your leg onto my arms"
I waited for 3 seconds before a sudden weight fell into my hands. I gripped onto the invisible boy and closed my eyes. Summoning my ability from within, I felt an aura of heat between my rightmost finger and thumb. Placing the leg down on the ground and hovering my palms above the heat signature, my hands started to glow orange as the healing process began. The ankle became visible for 14 seconds as the orange glow sat around it. After, it faded away back to the invisible presence the boy had. I had healed the boy of his injury but not of this power. I could feel another heat signature however.
"I've healed your leg however I can feel loss elsewhere. Do you mind if I attempt to heal you?" 
A sudden touch on my hand felt like a confirmation. I held my arms out in front of me and summoned the ability again. I could see his body but could feel a heat signature coming from his neck, more importantly his voice-box. My hands glowed orange again and his neck, chin and shoulders started to fade into existence again. 32 seconds of healing fixed the voice-box. The light from hands faded as his body fully returned the invisible state.
"Try speaking to me" I said.
"Hello?" Thomas and I smiled. "Oh my god. Thank you so much!"
I stood up, brushing my knees of any dirt from the floor. 
"Thanks Kieran. What would you like in return?" Thomas said in a comforting voice. 
I walked over to Kieran and pecked a kiss on his cheek. He blushed.
"Nothing. I suggest you go to HOME and see if they can do anything for him. They may not be open tonight, would you like to stay for dinner and a nights rest?"
"If you don't mind? I don't want to take advantage."
"Anything for you Thomas."
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