“Disc, this is going to be a challenge, but we’re getting reports from Croydon, that a house keeps changing its elemental structure. Do you think you can rescue those stuck inside.”
“I think I can manage one house!” I said confidently, and at the time I was. I had been given the location and set up a portal. I walked through and saw it. 
I ran up to the door and knocked but heard a shatter behind it. My knock didn’t sound, like I was hitting stone. A crash happened to my left and I peeked around a plastic tree. I couldn’t see anything but heard a scream was at perfect pitch and I ran through the garden to peek through next doors window. Fire! I portaled in and saw the woman scared. I grabbed her and sent her back through the portal, now directed for the pavement on the other side of the road. I turned and saw the mess in front of me. I placed my hand on the bannister but it turned to liquid and I stepped away with blue paint like mess on my hand. I didn’t know what to focus on. The fire smoking in front of the window. The golden slimy puddle on the floor, the drips of red liquid coming from the ceiling too thin to be blood, the metal beams edging slowly to the ground. The sounds of metal scraping, fire burning and glass shattering constantly around me. The heat, the breeze, the fog, it all didn’t make sense. It was a nightmare, but very real. I saw a head under a crystallised table but an explosion in a different room started to consume us both. I remembered the location and stepped into my portal behind me. As I landed onto the pavement I changed the location to where the head was, so they’d just fall through and I sent the portal to a training room back at HOME. The house collapsed not long after so I hoped that I got them safe. I closed the portal so debris wouldn’t fall through too. 
The house and plants changed as I edged across the road. The remains of wood and brick remained, the elements returned to their natural state. Fires burnt out in the neighbours house remains. A cabinet looked like it was half melted but returned to wooden state. A solid puddle of plaster remained on the floor, when the red drips would have spilt. My hand felt strange. The blue had turned to back to wood and I could peel the thin layer from my hand. 
I turned around and created a portal back to the base, and walked through to find more mess. It hadn’t stopped, I had just redirected the problem. I was sinking, the floor had turned to quicksand and I could see people struggling to get away. I sent a portal under my feet to send me away and sand fell with me. It didn’t matter where Nega was right now, he needed to be here. I portaled to his room. He wasn’t there. I portaled to Boss, no one there. I portal to the other training rooms, the school, the tech room but no sign of him, Lydia or Boss around. Someone needed to stop him. I went to find Nightmare. She was in her room luckily. I explained and needed her to send someone to sleep. We went back to the  training room which had him on a wooden dummy floating on the water floor. We swam towards the dummy and Nightmare touched him. He instantly fell asleep and dropped away from the dummy. Nightmare caught him and held his head up. I could feel the water hardening. I had to save them, I opened a portal under Nightmare and sent them to another room. As I tried to send a portal underneath me, the floor stiffened so stuck out my belly as much as I could so I could breathe and kept my hands and head about the surface. Stuck in the solid floor, I could breathe, but I could calm down and wait for someone to rescue me.
Nightmare ran through the door a few minutes later, horrified by how I was left. She held up a finger and ran out the door. Whether she was signing to say “wait here a minute”, it didn’t matter, I had no choice. She and Faze ran back through the door, minutes later. Faze grabbed my hand and pulled me through the floor. It was a tingling sensation but I was returned to the surface beside a me shaped hole. Sleeping must have done the trick for now and with Nightmare’s controlled sleep, the powered man could rest until we had a better plan.
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