Soteria has been groundhogging the events to find a solution. Intel looks at Soteria and gets headaches. After Soteria's 100th attempt, Intel can't bare to look at all those memories compressed inside of her. Intel, Bishop, Soteria, Nega, Agent Lyza, Agent Key, Bolt, Doctor and Onyx all appear through a Key Door to see Fragment tearing up a cityscape, showing no emotion, upgrade taken over. Mashs partner has just been fragmented and he is mad. Soteria knows that if Mash summons a meteor, it makes Fragment stronger. Nega needs to move forward, Bishop planned that in an earlier plan and it ends with a win eventually. Soteria stops mash from summoning a meteor by knocking him out with a shield drop. Doctor is also blocked from helping anyone. He needed to be on scene but cannot help until Fragment is down. Him helping early always gets Onyx or Doctor killed. Soteria pushes everyone into a bubble. She separates herself and Nega from the rest. She shields Nega in his run up to Fragment and bulks up every shield in preparation for a fragment beam. The beam happens as Nega approaches and Fragment steps back.  She throws Nega up and let's go of the shield then Nega takes the upgrade from Fragment. All of Soteria's shields go down and then triple walled shields appear around Nega. Nega fighting with the upgrade ends up shooting the upgrade up towards the sky to demolish it completely. Clouds twist and the sky darkens for a second before a loud boom is heard above them. Soteria takes down all the shields then blacks out. The event is over
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