I was walking home still invisible apparently. People kept bumping into me and I had to be especially careful of traffic. I turned a corner and bumped head first into someone. I looked up and they were me. A visible me, people could see me, but it wasn’t me. I could see what I was wearing and then something different on the identical me. I grabbed him when he tried to walk past me. He was very confused but at least he could feel the same way. I pulled him into an alleyway further down the road, he wasn’t strong, so he wasn’t exactly identical. I picked up some chalk on the floor and started writing on the walls.
“Who are you?” I wrote.
“Err..well where are you? What’s going on? I’m Bae?”
“Why are you me?”
“When I touch people I shapeshift into them. Why can’t I see you?”
“I’m invisib…” The chalk broke. I picked up some more “…le. Can’t turn it off”
“I know how that feels. I’m heading to the centre do you know what that is?”
“People with powers or abilities can go there for support or assistance. It’s down the road from here. I’ve been travelling from Spain, its been difficult. You should come too, might be helpful?”
“My brothers are in hospital because of their powers. I need to go home first, tell my parents”
“Ok, find the HOME Centre, or Google it or something. I’ll be there dude. If you don’t recognise me, look for the person in the yellow bandana, see!”
I saw the bandana he was pointing at but I let go and left, he took time to leave the alleyway behind me. I walked home, I still had people to see.
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