I grew up with supervillains and anti-heroes. I got my power ages ago but I’ve been training myself up, all the supervillains knew what they were doing and anti-heroes didn’t care, but they had control of their power. I wanted to be the same. I wanted to be the bad guy. There was no stopping me with my power.
I have Colour Energy Craftsmanship and Embodiment. No one knows by that name, but using thoughts I’m able to think of a colour and assign it to an energy construct. I can also evolve my body to suit that construct but once I’ve set the construct, I can’t change it. You don’t get it do you? Let me tell you about my colours.
If I think of Blue, my hair shortens and turns spiky and an electric blue colour. My body thins out and I become very agile and quick on foot. My clothes burn away to nothing revealing my body wrapped in charcoal grey scarves like a ninja. My feet grow tall, heels lift off the floor like a cheetah. Most importantly though, is in my hands are two blue energy constructed samurai swords. I’ve been training this colour the most to get it just perfect as a good attack is what’s needed in this game. My power is enhanced by will power so if I get weak my swords will shatter and I’ll lose the colour for that time. Blue is not my strongest colour but I’ve been training it to be a good second.
Yellow is my stun attack. My eyes turn black and a large straw hat appears on my head. My hair grows down my back, long and slightly wavy. My skin turns whiter and the rest of my clothes disappear. I’m left with white shorts and bare feet, but you won’t see that for long because my hands become brighter than the sun. It sends out a shine of light and anyone who sees it is stunned for a few minutes. Unable to move, think or do anything, Yellow is good for a quick disappearing act.
Thinking of Red makes me short and stout. My red hair curls and waves into a bob and ginger facial hair grows from my face. I look similar to a dwarf. Clothes fade around me, a little red jacket and a large black belt with a golden buckle around my waist. Black trousers and mahogany boots appear below. My hands will be glowing red by now and once Red finally transforms my body, I'm able to use the ability. Powerful red energy blasts fire from my hands in the direction I aim my palm at. I can shoot from both palms at the same time too. Red does not make me agile however the blasts can break through steel and concrete like a speeding bullet through skin. 
Other colours I have are Black for Bombs, Orange for Reflective Shield, Green Bullets, Pink Recovery Protection and White, well White is my ultimate power but there’s no point practicing it because it does the same no matter what.
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