I was confused when I received my power. I was 13 at the time and my dad was telling me off for “misbehaving” at school. It wasn’t “right” for me to do what I did. It was “disgusting”. I kissed a girl. That’s all I did, we were at school together and she said some of the boys and girls had been kissing but we agreed we didn’t want to kiss any boys. So we thought we’d attempt one together, in the playground. It was nice, and lots of people were staring at us after. I liked it, she liked it, but teachers were marching towards us and we were excluded for inappropriate behaviour. 
So my dad was angry, and I was confused. But more confused after I slammed my hand down in anger at him, the man I had looked up to those past years. He stopped, mid sentence, mid word in fact, “Don’t” by the sound of the start of it, and sentence structure. He stopped at the N sound. Slight spit had been spat out and was hanging in the air. His hair was long and waved when he shook it, mid wave while frozen in time, not a single movement, and pure silence surrounded me. I looked outside, birds were still flying, and there was a slight few raindrops splashing against the window. The clock was still ticking behind him, at least it was until 12 seconds past the minute. Then it slowed and stopped too. Was it getting worse? 
I questioned the notion that was happening here. I picked up a pear from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, and tossed it in the air, it landed softly in my hand. Still with anger at him, I threw the pear at my dad, it spun towards his head until it was half a meter away from his face, when it slowed and stopped mid air. Whatever was happening was emanating from him. I picked up a tablespoon, and attempted to wave it in front of his face. This was fine. I could move it around him and not get caught in the strange field around him. I accidentally let go whilst waving it and it stopped moving as soon as it left my hand. Maybe it was me?
I gave up, I was still mad and left the house, a choice to let myself cool down and deal with this new problem later. As I left through the garden gate, I could hear a well of pain coming from the kitchen and scurried away with a smile on my face to town and buy some new makeup.
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