"He walked in, calm but fists closed. A queen appeared over his head so I thought he should head to the Boss instead of waiting around. I just let him through."
"I didn't know you were in an appointment when I entered in. He flashed us with his power and then told me to move aside. For some reason he called me Abbie."
"He might have misheard me say Ebony. He didn't recognise the name on the door later as his brother. I guess he didn't link the name of his brother with his power."
"When I was heading down to the training rooms, he sliced through the door in front of me. I pulled away quickly but his swipe caught my stomach. If it weren't for my extra layers of skin, he would have done much more damage. I sounded the alarm then"
"He entered my room but I was invisible. He looked right through me. I was less than a meter away from the door"
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