I love magic. I’ve loved it since I was little. I loved watching the magic shows that used to accompany the children’s shows back when I was about 8. I used to learn the card tricks and practice them on my mum who was a bit biased but supportive of what I did. My dad on the other hand hated it. He kept saying it was pointless and wanted me to pursue my math and science because I was quite logical and could work out things quick. This helped me in magic however. I was able to use logic to trick the right people when I was busking in my early days. But as my abilities grew, I could trick anyone using any trick in the book, and more.
My abilities blossomed when I found out people were getting powers. There were rumours and articles about people who developed superhuman abilities. I remember reading about this kid in the paper about her being able to enter the internet in her mind, it sounded strange at the time, but I completely understand now. Admittedly I cannot do that, but I wouldn’t want to. My abilities enhanced my magic. I could perform tricks without doing any of the trickery. At this time I was about 19, I was living on my own haven fallen out with my dad for the last time and living on gigs that I could get as a hypnotist or as a magician. I was doing fine on my own, but these abilities really pushed me up from the streets and stage to performing to the masses. I became world known and probably not for the best reasons, but all I cared about was my name. Companies paid me for their products to be used in tricks. I was getting millions of viewers a night. It was time for my life to be upgraded. I lived the high life, living only with a branded body. That’s how I got my costume.
A fashion designer wanted me wearing their designs but I didn’t want a bunch of outfits, I only needed the few, for a few quick change routines. I’m most recognisable in my deep purple coat. It flares out at the arms and base. I wear a black shirt and trousers underneath but the coat and top hat really define my character as a magician. I have a slimline watermelon green and black pinstripe suit which I tend to use for my nighttime escapades. And I use other ones for blending in with the crowd and hypnotising my audience. It’s all about stage presence now. To keep up the act, you’ve got be the person they fear. And that’s exactly what I do.
My abilities? Well I can do all kinds of stuff. I can make things disappear and reappear elsewhere. I can send people into trances and make them do things for me. I can also create illusions and trick people into thinking what they saw is real. Of course my abilities have their downsides but I’ve developed them enough to escape in time before the power wears off. In the beginning I had the issue of timescale. I could pull rabbits out from thin air, but they’d soon disappear back to where they came from. I had to quickly perform a trick and return to normality before people realised it was an illusion. It messed up some of my busking acts in the early days. But with time and practice, I became a professional, using magic and hypnotism to my advantage. Time isn’t a problem now. As long as I have will, there’s always a way.
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