My dad doesn’t believe me. School had been overrun by the new bully. I don’t understand it but he was able to get want he wanted. He even got the head teacher out of his way to rule over. He used to be the child everyone picked on but now, no one dared. I’ve been trying to convince my dad, he has a power, I’ve been reading up on it, I think he has persuasion. My dad would understand, he told me the story of his discovery a hundred times already. He just didn’t know how to turn his on. He says he has super speed. I still believe him though, I saw his umbrella. I walked to school. I met up with one of my good friends, Peter. Unfortunately he got mixed in with the bad side at school so we only share the walk in, into school before he talks with the bullies. It was that day, it happened. Peter nearly died that day.
The bullies were planning on an attack on Gary, the new ruler. They had to sneak up on him, but Gary had his spies, it didn’t work very well. He held a court in the gym where he spoke out to everyone. They did as they were told and he got his way. Must be in his voice. But he had gone crazy with the power. The lower bullies stood waiting near the teachers who had them by their ears. He played out the courtroom asking if anyone thought they were guilty on the attack. Almost everyone replied with agreement. It was crazy. Ropes were hanging from the gym frames, but he had others ready them for him.
The beams were out and the teachers started tying up the bullies. It was a horrific scene and some had started to run or scream. One of the bullies struggled with the rope around his neck, slipped off the beam and was hung. Gary told everyone to watch and they did. I couldn’t. He struggled for a few minutes, then went limp, I could hear it but I didn’t want to. I peeked up and saw people forced to watch but crying silently. The teachers went ahead with the rest of the bullies.
I had to stop it somehow. I was unaffected by his charms and as one of the girl bullies got up on the beam, I cried “NO!”
People around me jumped are were able to move, they ran out the doors. Gary looked round at me, tried to silence me but asked the teachers to continue. Something happened in me. I felt clean, like the air around me had freshened. I sprung up with more confidence, bellowing a “NO!” again.
Everyone flinched and turned their heads to Gary. The teachers untied the kids, and the gym teacher ran towards Gary. He was staring at me, speechless but was tackled from his throne. The Maths teacher untied the hanged boy from the rope and took him to the nurses office.
Teachers grabbed me and took me into their lounge room and the police was called soon after. My dad was there in a heartbeat and the head teacher came in soon after telling me he was on his way. I knew I could trust him but this was too horrible.
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