I don’t remember much of my origin story, I don’t remember much anymore. My power has completely drained me, but I’ll tell you as much as I can.
I was at work. An office job, nothing special, quite boring to be perfectly honest. A dull day at work, with everyone working hard, running around to get to deadlines. I was bored. I was fed up. I wanted out. I put my head on my desk and everything went quiet in my head.
I think I woke up an hour later to the sound of glass smashing. It was in the newspapers, in fact that could probably tell you more than I can. I woke up to an empty office. I was still drowsy, I felt like I had been drugged. But by the looks of it, everyone else had been too. The windows had all been smashed, papers flew around the place. I walked up to one of the broken windows, unafraid of the height I was standing out, when a megaphone made me wake up. Someone shouted at me not to jump. I took a few steps back, and waved at them to say I wasn’t going to. I looked down, police cars, crowds of people, a large cushioned mat as if it was going to catch me if I took that stepped down. I didn’t realise it at first but further past the building, there were ambulances and many pools of blood.
I walked back into the building and walked to another windows, more blood, more ambulances. I went to the middle of the office, and felt very dizzy, papers flying around me, I fainted.
Again I woke up in an empty office. No one came in that space of time, I heard screams and shouts from outside, this time I went to the ground floor. Cars had crashed, people were lying across the ground, the crows of people and police, paramedics and even police dogs were all lying in a heap, unconscious. I was still quite dizzy but very confused. I saw more people falling, more cars spinning out of control.
I was hit. A car apparently spun way out of control and hit me towards a lamp post. This time I woke up in the hospital, three weeks later. I had been in a coma, but most of all I had been in surgery. I was paralysed from the waist down. I was so unhappy. I wish I had been the one that jumped out of that window instead of the countless other suicidal work colleagues.
The hospital lights went out, I heard a helicopters blades whir until outside I saw it fall. A ball of flames and smoke went up, smashing the windows of the room. I heard people screaming but I blacked out again.
I woke up a few times after, the first I was under meds and only remember faces. The second I saw a police officer and a man in glasses. The third and a few times after I was alone.
I woke up fully in a brightly lit room. Doctors were smiling whenever they saw me but they said I couldn’t leave until they had done more tests. They also told me about my ability, but they said they’d help with that.
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