I had gained some control at least. My hair was still on fire but it’s been very hard trying to stop that whilst maintaining the fire across my body. It feels like there is a glow around my body and I have to acknowledge that feeling across each limb. Sometimes I zone out and forget and set my house on fire, or someone’s power comes into effect and makes me jump, like with the train. I just can’t seem to turn it off.
My powers are strong I’d say. I can create fire, but I can also put it out, or absorb it. I can use heat to my advantage too. I can’t cool anything down but I can maximise the heat around me to protect me. And for some reason I can create curved swords when I get angry. That doesn’t help, makes me want to use it to take control. I can fly too, I don’t know how it works but heat rises so I do too.
The media now calls me Pyrette. I don’t know who came up with that but I quite like it. I’ve been called different things because, Flaming Girl, Fire Queen and The Heat have been memorable ones. But in all cases, they fear me. I can generate and manipulate fire. If things got bad, I could burn the country down. They won’t, I won’t let that happen, but I guess it’s there, in the back of my mind. But I have some self control.
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