I'm stuck. Something happened. I went to the beach to catch a tan and get away from all that business with the water and Lydia nagging on. But I was at the beach and then I blacked out. Now I'm in this glass room full of water, like a giant fish bowl. I keep blacking out because I can't control the water. I think I am the water but I don't know, sometimes I'm not.
I'm scared, I've swam to the glass and looked out before. There are more glass rooms, some have children in them, crying or asleep. I saw a kitten in one of them the other day but now there is a rhino in there. There is a brighter one further down, it looks like its full of fire, burning the person up. It's like Pyrette is burning up in th... Wait... Is this a prison of powers? The rhino had gone and a boy was in the empty glass cube instead. An animal shapeshifter?
A blinding light shone behind me, lighting up the whole room. I could see them all now, I dared not to look round at the light. Past the children I could see a cube of soil, a cube with a rock in it, an empty cube and a few more with random aged people stood, sat or sleeping in them. There was a large man banging on the glass to the left of me, crying and by the looks of it screaming, but I couldn't hear him or the cries, I couldn't hear anything except the sound of crashing water and small air bubbles drifting past my face.
The light started to dim, I turned towards the light now, there were more cubes but one was quite interesting. Half a cube smashed up with dried blood on the shards, someone had got out by the looks of it, but not easily. I have no idea who but it looked like a struggle. I felt tired, like I was going to black out again. I saw people starting to sit, and faint, the light got dimmer and the fire at the end of the room darkened. Powers were weakening, I had trouble breathing. I was drowning in the water again. Trapped. And then I blacked out.
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