My dad and I got to the HOME centre a few days after the incident at school. The headteachers decided it be best if we had two weeks off for support but I think it also gives time for the politics to be made from the government about this issue. It doesn’t put powered people in a good light.
We were sitting in the waiting room. There were a pair of young twins in the corner with their mother or guardian. She had no emotion on her face and sat in silence with the two children either side. A woman opened the door to the side. She walked towards me, smiling, but looking elsewhere. The she stopped and looked around the room as if she had lost something. I’m guessing this was my fault. She opened her mouth as I raised my hand and she instead walked towards me. When she got close she spoke.
“I’m sorry but I cannot analyse your power currently, there… is something… wrong with our systems. We should have it sorted soon. I’m Lydia if you have any questions.”
“Did you lose your power?”
“Ability, yes?”
“Yeah that’s my power in effect. I guess I have a negative power shield around me. No one can use their powers around me.”
“Interesting. Could you walk through those double doors for me and tell the man in the office at the end of the corridor what you have. You may help a lot of people with that ability.”
I left my dad and the single parented children and walked to the office as directed. I knocked on the door and walked in. I saw the Boss sat at the end of a large meeting room table with a black figure. I couldn’t tell whether the figure was male or female but it jumped out of its seat on sight of me and ran to hide behind the chair. I got nervous. 
“Hello, young man, can I help you?” He asked.
“I was asked to come hereby the woman in the waiting room. She told me to come through and tell you of my power.”
“Ability, power sounds threatening which the media tend to use. Ability is something you can grow to use, like gardening or agility.”
“Okay. Ability”
“Come here. What can you do?”
“I could show you.”
I started walking towards the figure. It had to be a power or ability, the figure had. Boss watched carefully and held his hand out to the figured being. It grabbed hold and he smiled. I was getting closer, the field around me was at a usual 5 meter radius. I was closing in on about 7. The field had grown though. I stopped and he saw the figure change. The jet black hair sifted to a light brown and white skin faded from the blackness. She was naked but she didn’t seem to care, she could be seen again. Boss gave her his jacket. Her rosy cheeks blossomed and a smile formed from her face as her eyes became a soft blue. She walked towards me and hugged me. She was quite beautiful and I ignored the fact that I was hugging a nearly naked girl. She looked my age too, she looked alone until now. She sat down. 
“Your ability negates others from using theirs, that’s quite a discovery” Boss said, pleased. He rolled over a foggy ball, that looked like one of a fortune teller. “Please hold this and think of the time your ability had most effect.”
I picked it up. It changed to a deep purple colour and I thought of the school gym and Gary. The ball faded red then green and the boss wanted it back. I gave it to him. 
“With your permission, could I use your ability to create an object that people like Night here can keep to block their abilities?” Boss asked me. I agreed. “Thanks,” he replied, “I also would like you to come up with a name for yourself, something that you can associate with…”
“I already have,” I interrupted, “Nega.”
“Nega. Welcome home.”
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