I was asleep and I was dreaming. I was shrouded in darkness, standing awake in my room. I could see myself sleeping but I was just stood there. Time passed and I watched myself sleep. It felt like a strange dream.
I heard a noise behind me, and I was startled. Startled enough to move. I had turned and I relaxed from the surprise sound that turned out to be nothing but the house creaking in the night. I could see into the mirror. I could see what I looked like. I wasn’t happy. A tall dark figure with glowing pupils stood before me. Naked but body coloured like the night sky. Hair too, lost in a body of darkness. As I came to realise that this was myself, I looked closer at the reflection and started to walk towards the mirror. I stared down at my hands but it was true. My body was darker than the room I stood in .I tried to leave the room and find some light but I was still trapped. Every time I attempted the door handle, I passed right through it. With this knowledge I tried passing through the door but it still acted like a barrier. Every wall stopping me from passing through and every object unavailable to touch. My very own prison from hell. Rest assured I needed someone else to open the door for me.
I turned back to my body. It was my body. This was just a dream. I needed to wake up but I’ve not had a vivid dream like this before. I tried to shout but I had no voice, however it made my body squirm. I tried shouting more. My body murmured. I was getting angrier. I needed this to work. I silently screamed and shouted at my body to the point where it flinched and cried and then a bellowing howl came from it. I stopped surprised. Just as my body did. I heard footsteps. This would be it. I heard my mum scratch the walls for the hall light switch. Light beamed out from under the door. Still dark as night, I saw stars within my body glimmer as the door started to open flooding light into the room. I edged forward to meet my mum. She screamed but I lurched forward to hold her. One touch and she fainted. I was able to grab her as she fell. But she was asleep lying in the hall.
I looked up and saw my dad. He looked at me in confusion. I didn’t know what I’d become so for him to look at me like this was another thing. He reached out to the storage cupboard and grabbed a rounders bat. I panicked and returned to my room, to my body hoping I can reason with him. I tried to tell him it was me but no sound escaped my mouth. Looking at my body for hope. I grabbed my sleeping self and the body turned wispy like a silver mist. Rising up inside me, I breathed again once the mist had fully entered me. I turned back to my dad, still with night sky skin, and wept. The sound could finally be heard but before I could explain my dad swung to hit my head but it phased right through me, he hit my shelves off the wall as he swung round unexpectedly. He threw the bat down and demanded where his daughter was. I turned to the empty bed and back again. I told him it was me. He misinterpreted as me who took her and went to grab my neck. The first touch as I flinched and he fell towards me. I tried to keep him upright but I am not strong so he laid at my feet.
On the floor, my parents slept the night through. But I had gone by then. I left the house. I couldn’t open the door but I was able to walk through it. I went to the one place I knew would be safe.
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