The man known as Dustin got out of his car parked under the lit lamppost. It was probably the safest place to leave it at this hour. He saw the shadowed figure leaning against the abandoned garages, flicking through his phone. Dustin looked around the street. It was a normal housed road. Lights were on in several houses, and further up he could see someone walking their dog. Dustin felt nervous but didn't want to draw suspicion. He knew that the person he was about to meet would be in this sort of area so he should have expected a place this public. He slowly walked up towards the figure, hands in his hoodie jumper, hunched shoulders, whilst dotting his eyes around the scene. The dark figure raised it's head as it heard the approaching footsteps but barely moved from its spot. Dustin was a few metres away when he asked the question.
"Are you.. Shade?" He paused before reaching the end of his sentence, though it was probably his nerves.
"Yes, what have you got for me?" Shade answered in a deep male voice. Dustin could just about see Shade's skin tone, a dark brown though a protruding white stick was hanging from his mouth. He presumed a cigarette.
"Does 400 cover anything?" Dustin asked. He had more but he wanted to see what was on offer.
"You can get a couple of Level 1 abilities or one Level 2 or 3 power" the Shade replied.
"How much for an healing ability?" Dustin heard a noise behind him, a rustle in a bush, but soon ignored it.
"I only have one so it's got to be more than a grand." Shade would never charge that amount for this heal but it wasn't meant for this customer and he knew Dustin did not have that kind of money on him.
"Oh.. err.. okay… what hiding abilities do you have?" Dustin asked disappointedly.
"I have Phasing or Invisibility." The conversation got more serious and Shade felt he was about to make a sale here.
"Erm.. any specs?" Most came with specs. They never work like magic, you have to work it out.
"The Phasing works best in intense situations but you can simulate it for practice. The invisibility is automatic and takes what you're wearing too. However without practice you can get serious headaches. Both are very helpful in stealth work with enough testing." Shade often practice his goods before use and he proved the evidence for some previous dirty work.
"The Invisibility sounds great but Phasing is more defensive so I'll take that." Dustin was ready now. He handed Shade the £400 in cash.
"Certainly," Shade replied and took a sturdy stance.
His arms straight and palms facing the floor, Shade drew energy from the shadows around him and his eyes glowed white. A soft mist formed around his neck and feet. His arms raised towards Dustin indicating a transference. Dustin put his palms on his and like magnets he couldn't let go. Dustin's eyes turned white as the energy from Shade flowed into him. Dustin felt like screaming but the sound wouldn't come out. His mouth gasping open and white eyes looked horrifying but there was nothing to be done. Shade returned to normal still connected via the palms of his customer. Watching as the energy found its place in Dustin's body. A few seconds and all arms dropped. Dustin was released and flew backward, stumbling onto the grass. Shade watched, still without emotion.
"Is it done?" Dustin asked despite knowing the answer.
"Yes." Shade replied. Pure darkness appeared behind him. He turned and was swallowed up by it. As the darkness faded Dustin tried to halt him but he had gone.
Two cars quickly drove up onto the the banks of the grass beside him. They parked up and men in black suits got out. Everything was happening quickly and Dustin felt invisible. The men shone bright torches towards the area where Shade had been swallowed and found no sign of him. Angrily the men turned to Dustin but he had gone without a trace, his car still sat under the lit lamppost.
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