We have this room at HOME where we can challenge our abilities, to help us connect with them to control them. It is called the Testing Room. Its a room that gathers information and stores it on the local database. It is basically an automated Lydia room, I’m sure it was made using her powers. I’ve been in the room many times before. I want to know what my power can do and I really want to control it. My power made me run away from home and while I could just get a Negaband and go home, I’d rather sort this out logically rather that cowardly. Also I don’t want to risk involuntarily evolving it.
So far, I seem to just send dummies to sleep. The dummies are not real but mimic living people, as lab rats really, except they’re not actually living. I think they’re programmed by Viral too, which makes them act humanely, it’s very weird but they’re not real. I want to extend my power because nothing else happens, I just phase through people when I’ve sent them to sleep. There was a Negaband on the console. I picked it up and saw my hand change back to the pinky creamy colour my original skin was. I had gotten used to the night skin so it was strange seeing it back again though it did make me feel normal. 
I put the band down. I wasn’t going to tempt myself with that, this ability has been given to me for a reason. I went into the testing room, stated my name and the dummies came to life. I touched one and it fell to the floor, sleeping. I went to touch it again but as soon as my hand got close, my hand turned to smoke. I pulled away and it returned to normal. The process didn’t hurt at all, in fact it was quite pleasurable. I went for it again, extending my arm further. The smoke blew out at first but then settled onto the body. I moved the rest of my body towards it and felt the pleasure of my whole body turning to smoke and settling on the body. 
Things got dark but I saw a light. I tried to go towards it but my body was like a wooden puppet, strings were attached and I saw them raise high in the dark sky. I couldn’t move. But the light looked so amazing, I really wanted to go there. I could hear faint sounds of children playing and animals and trees blowing. I didn’t know where I was but I was stuck, a heap of wood on the floor unable to move. I closed my eyes and tried to pull away and I was back in the room with my hand touching the lying body on the floor. I felt a tear on my cheek and got up and left the testing room.
When I checked the console for an answer to what I saw, it told me I had developed a new ability, to enter dreams. Then it hit me. I entered the dream of a dummy. It felt like the dummy wanted to be alive. Were they alive in a way, or did I just see the dream of a puppet?
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