I walked into the waiting room with my yellow form on. My fists were clasped so I wouldn't blind anyone accidentally. A man looked at me with uncertainty but waved me through into a room. I got lucky. I was taken straight to the Boss himself. He looked up at me after I entered the room but didn't judge me on my yellow skin and unusual dress for winter in England. 
"What is it you want?" He asked me.
"Jimmy. I want Jimmy back."
"I'm sorry but Jimmy is with us now. He wasn't safe in your care."
"I'm not his parent, I'm his brother. He belongs with me."
"Then certainly not and you should know why."
"I don't care, I need him back"
"I'm sorry but you need to leave. I won't call the police but we cannot harbour a fugitive."
I saw him press something on his desk and murmured a word like "Abbie", probably calling for reinforcements. It was time to act. This is how it was always going to go down. They'd never trust me after I killed my mum, but I had to save Jimmy from her too. Jimmy was different, just like me, but he couldn't hide his abilities. My mum hated the fact she had a powered child and treated him differently when they manifested. She didn't care much before, being an alcoholic but after, she was poison to us both. 
The door opened behind me and a woman came through. Abbie perhaps? I opened my fists to shine a bright light which left her and the Boss squirming for sight. I said "Excuse me Abbie," as I squeezed past her and towards a flight of stairs head down. I shifted to my blue form for speed and power in case of more reinforcements. A door marked 'Tech' opened in front of me when I reached the 2nd floor down, so I swiped a sword through it, slicing the stomach of the massive man coming through. I continued down the stairs as he fell to the floor. I reached the bottom with 3 doors marked 'Dorms', 'Training' and 'School'. I went through dorms to look for his name. 
The names on the doors were codenames which didn't help. I switched to my red form to gage a blast through locked doors. The first, 'Ghost' was unlocked but it was empty. The second "Glow" was locked so I sent a blast towards the hinges. The door fell down and a girl inside screamed so I sent a blast towards her. It bounced off her and into a flower vase. It shattered and sent shards towards her. I moved onto the next door "Lilac". Another unlocked and empty room but certainly a girls bedroom. Girls seemed to be on this side so I moved onto the opposite side. My head buzzed and I felt drowsy as I headed towards the door marked as "Nega". I felt weak and went to blast open the door, but my hands were no longer red. I moved away from the door and felt much better. That was one to keep away from.
I continued onwards, saw doors marked "Ebony", "Rhino", "Cambio", but they were all empty. I tried another door on the other side again. "Disc" was locked so I blasted off the door. A girl was sitting at the desk. I was getting fed up.
"Where's Jimmy?"
"Who, Ebony?"
"He's probably at school. Who are you?"
"Doesn't matter," I sent a blast towards her but she waved her hand and I blacked out.
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