Becca didn’t trust anyone. Her power proved that. Someone would say one thing but think another and even if they were telling the whole truth, there was always a hidden agenda, something you may not know about a person was always revealed to her. Becca knew everything about everyone and she couldn’t live her life knowing that. She read about these Negabands and wanted one to help her. She wanted normal thoughts again; she’d been creating third person thoughts to filter them from the rest of the worlds. She was tired with the worlds problems and needed a rest from it all.
Becca sat in the waiting room. A woman called Lydia was attending to a man who believed he was turning into a lizard. Her thoughts were going crazy. She was thinking of a million things at once. Becca could see what she saw, the lizard mans ability, the abilities of everyone else, the way the Negaband works and thoughts and feelings for her missing sister. They were pushed aside when a revelation appeared in her head. Information was pulled together as she realised the Negaband evolves powers.
Becca looked around, she needed a band. She read a mans thoughts, Bishop, you needed a consultation before you get one but that Lydia would have the same sort of power as Becca, she’d see right through her. If Becca had a Negaband her power could change for the better. She could probably filter the thoughts and only hear her own when she needed to. She wanted her power to evolve like others. There was a Negaband behind the counter, a subconscious thought from Lydia told Becca. She budged up a few seats then swooped her hand over to grab it then turned it on. She put it over her wrist and everything were silent. She jumped, as if everyone was looking at her, but it was just the thoughts, gone.
She took off the band, and they were back. She focussed on her thoughts to clear them and was staring out into the waiting room to focus herself. A young girl started crying. Had she done that? She focused on a few other people and they fainted. The man, Bishop, had fallen to the floor, scrambling around. Lydia was running to the scene. She focused on Lydia but she could see what Lydia could see and something was appearing on her vision about Becca and she had to stop before Lydia saw. Becca got up and quickly left HOME with the Negaband on.
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