This is HOME, the Habitation Organisation for Manipulated Entities, a centre in which people with abilities can come and stay if they’re abandoned or confused about what they can do. I created it myself with my ability, and upgrade it when we get a new visitor. I can create rooms and buildings to my imaginations specification, as well as use others’ abilities to upgrade the centre so that it is a safehouse for everyone. It’s not much from the outside, and looks like a small hospital. It’s because most of our building is underground, some prefer to be kept away from the city but still visit it on their doorstep. Luckily London is quite accepting of us and although we are still fighting to get full rights, we have this centre for those that feel like outcasts.
There’s quite a lot of us here. Some people have moved on and some choose not to stay, but of course I’ll list everyone here. They don’t mind, they want to feel accepted, you see.
We have Bishop, he has what we call Chess Piece Detection, when a battle or argument comes into play, he can see which people are the pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, the queen, and who or what the king is. In his vision, he can see their chests glow with the symbols. He has the ability to change the game, but he’s still developing it.
There’s Lilac, who can change an object’s colour. She is constantly changing her bedrooms style and wants to go into design, but still needs to take control of her ability.
Rhino, he struggled with his sexuality with his parents and at school, until one day a horn grew from his head and everyone called him a gay unicorn. He came here and seems to be trying to prove he is better than them, though still has some insecurities.
Poppy has Bubble Generation, she can blow bubbles from her mouth. Her bubbles tend to be harmless, though when she gets angry, they tend to pack a blow if they pop near you.
Distraction has been tough. She hates her ability. She has Mesmerizing Presence. Luckily our walls protect her ability from working, but when she visits outside the building, people stare at her. We’ve tried working with her to get over the feeling but some abilities you just can’t turn off.
Jasmine has Enhanced Senses, I built her room to be sound-proof, vibration-proof, smell-reducing and self-cleaning because some things bother her.
Kiru has Razor Hands. He can slice through anything with his bare hands, and also struggles with his anger management. But he’s progressing with it.
Dome has Baldness Inducement. Luckily I don’t have much hair, so losing it near her wasn’t so much a problem. She has a hard time making friends.
Blade has a Sharpening ability. If he runs his finger down a blunt edge, he sharpens it. His ability works in reverse too and has learnt how to control it. He is moving out next week in fact.
Bandana has Scarf Manipulation. It’s a strange ability but she’s become quite practiced with it and tends to wear scarves so she can telekinetically use them as arms.
Needles has Object Teleportation. He can teleport people and objects to a desired location. He cannot move himself however, but has been involved with helpful tasks as it helps him with his strength.
Jean has Genie Physiology. She lost her legs when her ability manifested. She now floats in a cloud of purple smoke. Her room is a giant genie bottle, she hated it at first but has made herself a home. I expanded it to full size for her because she is trapped to live within it. Some people have come to her for wishes and she has to grant them. Others accidentally wish around her and she tries to stop them, but she grants them. Unfortunately she has to abide to the genie laws which she knows off by heart to recite whenever she meets someone new.
Disc has Portal Generation. I used her ability to extend our centre further past some underground train tracks. She is incredibly strong but she is developing. She is currently our oldest inhabitant.
Webs has Internet Detection. When her abilities manifested, she gained a tattoo like symbol on her body which acts as signal detector. It’s not the best power, but we’re looking into what else her power can do.
Coff has Gas Emission. Luckily his ability lets me create a ventilation system that convert any harmful gasses to air.
So that’s everyone for now. We tend not to use real names when releasing information to the public. We’ll get some more arrivals in the future, I know it.
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